Mental Health Services

Michelle offers her services as a Mental Health Consumer Consultant.

She has worked with many organisations including:

  • Eastern Health
  • Safer Victoria
  • Ambulances Services
  • The University of Melbourne

Her special interests include the review and development of consumer-focused workplace policies, guidelines and training packages that address real life reform to the Mental Health System.

Other roles and interests


Qualified Teacher

Michelle Write is a qualified teacher of both primary aged and secondary students. She enjoys using the latest techniques to give children an insightful and impactful teaching experience. 

Mental Health Reform – Subject Matter Expert

Michelle a passionate mental health ambassador, who is currently leading the reformation of mental health services in Australia as a subject matter expert.

Childrens Author

Michelle Write is a published author with over 1 million books published and sold around Australia and abroad.


Spoken Word Artist and a Motivational Speaker

Michelle is a spoken word artist and motivational speaker aimed at inspiring youth and opening up discussions for important, relevant yet sometimes difficult topics.


Work With Michelle