Together Things

Together Things is a valuable, endearing book that helps young children sensitively identify and process difficult emotions. It is a story about the needs of a young family under emotional stress. It is a story about a girl navigating her changing relationship with her father as he experiences a depressive episode. Together they must find new ways of doing things while keeping the mutual bonds of love alive.

One in five adults experiences depression in their lifetime, but young children are often left in the dark when their mother or father suddenly can’t play like they used to.

Together Things helps young children to understand that, while it is okay for them to feel mad or sad about this, sometimes they must do different things together while their parent focuses on their mental health and getting better.





Teachers’ and Parents’ notes:




“A little girl remembers the adventures she used to have with her father, but now they’ll do different things because he is ill. Sensitively illustrated.”


School Day Magazine reviewed
“a story of a little girl adapting to new and unwanted things going on in her family and how she learns to cope” Click here to read in full


Herald Sun
“This clever picture book helps kids whose parents may be battling depression or other mental health issues navigate their own confusion and anger because they want the old Dad back. But as it explains in simple terms, they can share different activities while Dad gets better.”


Reading Time
“In a society where one in five adults will experience mental health issues during their lifetime increasing community awareness of illnesses such as depression and reducing stigma around this sensitive topic is a positive step and where better to start than the very young.”  Click here to read in full


Blue Wolf Reviews
“Children struggling to accept change in their family caused by mental illness, will benefit from this warm hearted story helping them understand the reality of depression, suffered by one in five adults.”Click here to read in full


What’s Up Down Under 
“tackles mental health head on”


Westchester Family
“the compelling story and beautiful illustrations help teach empathy, compassion and patience”


Buzz Words 
“looks at adult depression from a child’s perspective .. beautifully illustrated … has themes of love, family, mental illness and resilience and is suitable for children aged 4-8.” Click here to read in full


Miss Jenny’s Classroom
“I highly recommend this one for school counsellors, therapists, social workers, hospital/GP clinics. The more this topic is portrayed and talked about the easier it is for parents to open up about it to get help ” Click here to read in full


The Bottom Shelf – Edu Blog
“Sharing this story and talking about how common the issue (of mental illness) is will help those kids seeing it firsthand realise that they are not alone and that there are many ways to show and share love.” Click here to read in full

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